Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I’ve been working my bum off out here on my OFDA proposal for the conflict affected populations in Nepal, so no new stories of fun mountain adventures, but here are some of the headlines of news reports from the past few days:
“Talkathon, high drama till wee hours”
Late hour talks between the top leaders of the Madhesi groups and the three largest parties of the Interim Government of Nepal.
“Eastern hilly districts running out of essentials”
There is a shortage of food products due to the continued strikes and blockades along the border with India.
“Poll: Women get a raw deal, numerically”
Very small proportion of women representation throughout the political parties.
“Load shedding adds to water woes of Latipur folk”
With the fuel crisis there in ongoing energy load shedding in the country which affects the water pumps and how much water gets to the communities.
"Stalemate, blame game continue”
Continued meetings between the Government of Nepal and the Madhesi groups going nowhere.
“240 women, 1,947 men vying for 240 assembly seats”
That’s 11% female people. The election for the new constituent Government is scheduled for April 10 (it’s already been cancelled and rescheduled three times).
“Capital’s rice stocks running low”
Doesn’t that just say it all? We’re running out of RICE here in Kathmandu!
Just a little insight into the happenings of Nepal!

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Leslie said...

Great work Sis! Love to read about your journey. Keep it up! Love, Mom