Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Institute of Family Health

Today I visited the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation’s Institute of Family Health (NHF/IFH). It’s a great clinic providing comprehensive services (physical, mental, and social) for women and children. These services range from pre- and post-natal care for pregnant mothers to physiotherapy for disabled children to dental services to counseling covering many different types of psychological needs.

NHF/IFH is one of our local partners. They have provided all of the trainings (basic health provision, PTSD assessment and counseling) to our team of 120 health outreach volunteers and provide a “home base” for half of them (the other half report to the Jordanian Red Crescent). During the home visits, the volunteers do a thorough assessment of the health and mental wellbeing of the family members. If anyone in the family needs additional care they are referred to the IFH and informed that the services provided: general primary health care, specialized care, as well psychosocial care are free. These services are subsidized by IRD’s SHS program.

I was able to meet with the Director of IFH, and a number of doctors. A few of the specialty doctors are Iraqi refugees themselves. They were highly trained medical specialists in Iraq and are now providing their services for free at the clinic.

I've posted additional photos on my photo site....but big note on the photos: I’m very sad to say I don’t have my camera here with me. My Canon was in the shop getting its own health care services when I left so I had to borrow my communication departments Nikon. I’m not a fan of this camera and I will probably complain about it a lot in the near future. I miss my Canon!!!

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