Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome to the Circus!

One of my staff members, Tamara, used to work at the Children’s Museum here in Amman. While she was there she connected with an American Circus Group: The Zany Umbrella Circus, and got them to work with the museum each summer. This summer they returned and now that she works for us she got them to do a circus performance for the Iraqi Refugees living in Amman through our UNHCR funded Outreach program.

About 200 kids showed up with their families to watch the circus. It was quite a rowdy crowd! Numerous times throughout the show we had to gently usher the kids back as the stage area was getting smaller and smaller by the mass of kids wanting to get closer to the action! The circus performers were quite impressive and definitely a first for the majority of the audience.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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