Sunday, May 15, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt Pictures!

Last Tuesday I posted the themes for Ashley Sisk’s Photo Scavenger Hunt and after a week of trying to snap away here are my selections!

1.     Give Me Flowers

2.     Friendship (Quotography)

Paul is holding the kids trying to make them be friendly!

3.     Before and After

These shots serve as both my before and after pictures as well as documentation that I am learning to cook. Cashew Chicken Curry. It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself!

4.     Dark

We went over to a couple of memorials the other night and captured a couple images at the Vietnam Memorial. After that we headed over to the Lincoln Memorial and right as we reached the top of the stairs the lights went out. It was pretty funny as there were a lot of tourists still out exploring and the Park rangers had to come out with flashlights and herd everyone down the stairs and close the monument. So with this opportunity I got to have two pictures for the Dark theme! I’m going to make that count since I missed the Visual Contrast theme.  

Here are the themes for next weeks photo scavenger hunt:
  1. My Passion
  2. Sound of Music
  3. Inner Beauty
  4. Ethereal
  5. Sharp


Abby said...

I love love love the first 2 pictures!

Phoenix Peacock said...

these are all so fantastic.

Bella Skye said...

Great shots! LOVE the first one!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your composition for dark is beautiful and I love your first two shots. Great job!

spamsmail said...

WOW they are all terrific really teriffic love them

Brooke said...

Your cashew chicken looks tasty! And loving both of those dark shots!

Kimberly said...

Your photos are all wonderful! I'm so jealous of the bee in flight photo! :) That is one of my personal challenges ... to get a similar capture. Your dark shots are great also!

Thanks for visiting!

Cedar said...

Wow! Fantastic! Love that bee shot and the flag in the dark--great shots! The friendship picture and quote is very sweet!

Cat @ No Wooden Spoons said...

I love all your photos! Your before and after is great! Love the bee and flowers too!!!

Bethany (Zylstra) Duffield said...

Great site, Dawn!! And superb pictures... I hope you guys enjoy some time states-side before the next journey!!