Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt #6

Here we are again with this weeks Photo Hunt finds! Paul's family is visiting this week and next so I'm getting lots of photo opportunities. It's Jenny and Kailey's first trip to DC so we are in for a lot of fun adventures. 

With this two of this weeks photo's I've used some new processing tricks I've learned from other photo bloggers. Let me know what you think!

1. Emotion
We took Kailey to the National Zoo and saw so many animals. She was very excited to get her very own baby panda.

2. From a Flowers Point of View
I processed this picture using Ashley Sisk's Fairy Garden process and texture. From a flowers point of view the world would always be bright and sparkly, right?

3. Natural Frame
Kind of a natural frame...Paul and Kailey at Monticello.

4. Letters
I got this idea for photo letters from Project Alicia's Crazy Days of Summer Blog.

5. Bliss

Next weeks themes:
     1. Windows/Doors
     2. Eyelashes
     3. Paint
     4. Leaf Vines
     5. Faceless Portrait


Abby said...

I love all of these so much! Great job!

Ms. Pony said...

I love the letters idea! Lovely photos!

deb duty said...

I agree. That daisy photo is pure bliss! The letters are really fun and the flower perspective is lovely. I enjoyed your beautiful collection of photos!

Allison Hoffman said...

what a great idea for the letters shot!

julie said...

VERY creative letters shot! :)

Gunsside said...

Lovely Bliss, and your letters is so creative and looks beautiful ;))

Anonymous said...

The letters are great!!! Love that. Really love your flower's pov photo, too.

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh yeah - this entire set is awesome. Love the idea with letters - your flower POV shot is beautiful and the last

Michelle said...

Love the letters and the bliss!

Anne U said...

Bliss shot is amazing, great capture.

Cedar said...

These are all just gorgeous! And filling letters with flowers is perfect!

Valeria said...

Love your ideas. Letters is super cool