Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July in DC!

After a 9.5 hour drive back from the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC we had enough time to clean up the bikes (they were ridden hard over the weekend - photo's coming soon!), grab a bite to eat, and then back out we went. We rode our bikes over the bridge down to the National Mall to check out the crowds and the fireworks. Being on our bikes was a great idea, there were hundreds of thousands of people out, most of the main roads were closed and we could just glide on by! We made it up all the way up the mall to the Capital and then back near the Lincoln Memorial just as the show started. There were sooo many people out! 

They shoot the fireworks off near the reflecting pool, so that entire area is closed off, but that means that from down on the mall the fireworks are directly over your head. It was really neat, they were huge, and LOUD, and right there above us. 

 Heading over the Memorial Bridge towards DC, so many boats out in the Potomac to watch the fireworks.

 Here are our dorky selves!

This is just a small fraction of the people that were out, they were everywhere!

Our view of the fireworks!

I love how some of the sparks turned into stars. I just recently learned how to do that with the camera and the sun. So exciting to see it happen with the fireworks!
Heading back home over the bridge, looking towards Georgetown.

I took my Canon G11 on this ride and gave it some love. As I learn more about this camera I realize it is a great little snap and shoot camera with the complete ability to shoot in RAW and fully manual mode. I think I'm going to start using it more often!

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Ashley Sisk said...

What a great place to celebrate Independence Day. Love the first shot.