Monday, August 8, 2011

California - Columbia State Historic Park

Third and final post of my visit to California a couple weeks ago.

Since we were already up North and staying in Sonora we decided to take a day and visit the Columbia State Historic Park in Columbia, CA, a preserved gold rush town. My dad was born in Columbia and we went up there many times when I was young to visit my Great Grandmother who lived there all of her life. Her house is now part of the Historic Park. It is in disrepair but still standing (barely).

The Historic Park is made up of the main few streets of the town. The main street still has two of the old original hotels from that time, the City Hotel, and the Fallon Hotel. My Great Grandmother, and then my Grandma owned the Fallon Hotel back in the day. Supposedly it is haunted! Also preserved/rebuilt are the Wells Fargo Building, Columbia Mercantile, Columbia Gazette, the Fire House and the Saloon. It's a cute little town to visit if you happen to be in the neighborhood, you can even pan for gold!

A lot of pictures, I know. But it was a fun week visiting my parents! If after all these posts you are interested in seeing the full album of pictures click here.

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