Monday, August 22, 2011

Zombies Have Taken Over the World...

... and Alexandria, VA was the last safe haven. We (my brother - Scott, Paul and I) were recruited to defend Alexandria from the hordes of zombies wreaking havoc last night. It was Survive Alexandria 2011.

We had to check in to Zombie Land Central at Oronoco Park in Alexandria. There we became registered Zombie Hunter Sheriffs, formed our starting team and got our first assignment. We were to report to Safe Zone B and stay there until humans and/or Zombies started to arrive then we were on our own out in the city trying to get through 6 zones, find the surviving check points in each zone and make it to the End a few miles away.

For over 3 hours we ran through the city, chasing zombies, being chased by zombies, protecting humans, protecting Justin Beiber's reanimated corpse, and even protecting a human banana. As you can imagine there was not a lot of time to be taking photo's while trying to not have my brain eaten by a zombie. Here are a few photos shared on Facebook from the event (Photographer: Koko Lanham).

In the end we almost saved the world, but not quite. About 30 feet from the finish line (after 6.5 miles of running) I was overrun by Zombies. Not only was my brain eaten but I also lost my banana companion and with him our only hope for survival, the vials of blood containing the cure. We did manage to safely bring Justin Beiber's corpse to the finish though and Scott, Paul and the others hunters in our group safely finished with a good number of Zombie brains that could be used for scientific research.

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Leslie said...

The first picture of the 3 of you looks like a new version of Charlie's Angels. However, Scott kinda looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter, & Paul looks a bit like Willie Nelson in his younger days with his hair pulled back. You look like you had a great time! Mom