Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Surfing in Santa Cruz. The Wipe Out Sessions.

While we were home in CA over X-mas we met up with a friend of ours from Peace Corps that we hadn't seen in way too long. We had a great lunch out on the Santa Cruz pier, yummy mexican food and two carafes of sangria. So of course the next obvious thing to do was to go surfing!

I grew up in Santa Cruz, I've spent a lot of time in that frigid water, so I opted to sit this one out...but Paul was all about getting in there and giving surfing a go. I called my parents up and told them that they needed to bring me my camera and get to Santa Cruz pronto to watch the entertainment!

Still pictures are all fine and dandy for surfing, but a video, particularly a video of all of Paul's wipe outs attempts to surf would be much better don't you think? I agree, so here you will find 2 minutes of some pretty entertaining surfing. (To watch the video large in HD, click on the HD icon and it will take you to Vimeo).

I think the funniest part, after all of Paul's wipe outs of course, is the commentary provided by my parents. You'd think that we were professional surfers observing from above, with all the advice we were giving. You might think that, you would be wrong though.

Is one of these surfers Paul? Hmmm....


The next Endless Summer duo???

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