Saturday, January 21, 2012

What To Take For A Year In South Sudan

So it has begun...Paul will be leaving in one week for Juba, South Sudan. He'll be there for a year as an Economist for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). He'll be living in a "hooch", the funner term for Containerized Housing Unit, which is exactly what it sounds like - A shipping container that has been converted into a living space.

Since space is limited he's not allowed to bring much.  The post does allow a small consumables shipment though which people typically fill with "comfort food" from home. So what does one take when going to live in a container in Juba, South Sudan for one year?

Paul's comfort food consists of:
- 3 Cases of Beer (which isn't going to last too long!)
- 12 Costco size bags of chips, 21 jars of salsa, and 30 jars of Queso sauce
- Almost 100 cans of soup
- 6 large boxes of gummy Fruit Snacks
- 45 boxes of Mac & Cheese
- 6 Costco boxes of microwave popcorn
- 8 bottles of contact solution
- 8 tubes of toothpaste
- 3 tubes of sunblock
- Costco sized jars of Tylenol and Allergy meds

Any bets on how long this stuff will last him and when he'll be requesting me to send more?

His air shipment consists of his clothes, shoes, a number of books, frisbees, computer games, and duct tape.

I'm trying to talk him into taking my Canon XTi camera (the only camera I will give up, lol) so he can take photo's of everything, but he's not really like me in that way. He will probably just take the little Canon snap and shoot and I will have constantly nag remind him to take pics and send them to me!

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Anonymous said...

wow - what an adventure! Paul sounds brave. And I think your nag/reminding about the pictures will be 100% well-founded. :)