Saturday, February 25, 2012

Phoenix in Phebruary - part 1

Is that a dorky title or what, reminds me of my Physics teacher in Highschool who had a huge sign in the classroom that said "Physics is Phun". Anyways, in early February I went to Phoenix for a few days to visit my parents. They spend the winter in Phoenix, because you know it gets too cold in Northern Cal...somehow.

So we took a day and drove up to the Montezuma Cave Dwellings, one of the best preserved cave dwelling sites in North America. It was built by the Sinagua Indians over 1,000 years ago and has been uninhabited for 600 years.

 Montezuma Castle

Nearby is Montezumas well, a collapsed cavern which has over one million gallons of water flowing through it daily. And this is in the middle of the desert!

Montezumas Well with cliff dwellings in the walls

All that water in the middle of this dry desert

About 20 minutes away in the Verde Valley is the Tuzigoot National Monument, an ancient village perched atop a hill, also built by the Sinagua Indians. 

And my very favorite picture...

Part 2...Biosphere, coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! It's always a treat to see where you've been/what you're up to.

I'm headed to Phoenix next month so my husband & father-in-law can get in some golfing. :) My uncle lives in Phoenix & my grandparents in Yuma, and visiting them is always a delightful time.

Have you gone with your parents to Sedona before? Lots to see there!

My favorite photo from this collection is that one of the fuzzy little flowers with the mountains in the background - it's beautiful!