Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello South Africa

It's been a crazy few weeks!

Our big crazy news is that Paul, Piper and I are now living in Pretoria, South Africa!

We arrived on March 20 and are starting to finally settle in from the jet lag. Little Miss Piper was turned upside down for a couple days and kept us up all hours of the night, but (fingers crossed) she seems to have synchronized herself now.

The flight here was very long (18 hours DC - Jo'burg with a fuel stop in Dakar, Senegal) but Piper was such a good girl. She slept quite a bit and when she wasn't sleeping she was a happy, calm little lady making friends with all the nearby passengers.

So we are in our new home which is quite nice. It's one of 5 houses in a walled and gated compound. We've met 3 of the 4 neighbors, all of whom are very nice, two families with kids even! The house is quite large, it will be fun to get our household effects and to spend some time making it feel like home. Piper will have her own bedroom too, I can finally decorate a nursery! In addition we have 2 guest rooms which will be very nice for visitors (hint hint!).

We've even got a pretty nice outdoor space. It's awkward shape and needs some landscaping design, but I think once we get it set up it will be a very nice place to hang out during the days and evenings. Have I mentioned the beautiful weather?! It's been in the high 70's/low 80's and sunny since we arrived.

So you may be asking, why are we living in South Africa? Well, after spending a year in South Sudan Paul was assigned here as the Economist for USAID. It's a definite step up! I resigned my position with MSH and am currently trying out the full time stay at home mom gig. I'll probably do this for a few months until we are fully settled in and then find some part-time consulting work.

Hopefully soon I'll get some posts up about our travels in this beautiful country and the region and my blog will not be solely baby pictures, although who can complain, pictures of my cute girl are always appreciated!

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