Friday, July 26, 2013

South African Warrior Race

Last month Paul and our neighbor, Adam, took on the South African Warrior Race. If you've ever heard of the Tough Mudder in the US, this is the South African equivalent. They signed up for the Black-Ops version - 21km (13 miles) of trail running with over 30 obstacles.

Adam's 7 year old daughter, Lucy, also signed up for the kids race, 0.5 km with about 10 obstacles. It was awesome to watch her take on that course. She was fearless!

After Lucy finished her race, Piper and I were ready to cheer on Paul for his big race!

It was a tough run. After about 12 miles of trail running with 25 other tough obstacles, the last 5 obstacles were near enough for us to go and cheer him on. He and Adam looked exhausted at this point and they still had another mile of running and some crazy obstacles to get through!

The last obstacle was the electric shock, he managed to make it through upright, with only one shock. So three hours later, covered in mud, Paul finished his first South African warrior race!!!

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