Thursday, August 22, 2013

Me and Piper's Adventure Home! Part 1 - A Week in Wisconsin with the Pleva's

We started our American adventure with a 16 hour flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta. Yes, you read that right. 16 hours. Non-stop. One seat. For the two of us.

Actually, as it turns out, Piper is an excellent little traveller! She slept in my lap on and off quite a bit for the first 10 hours and then we hung out, walked the aisles, played with some new toys, and watched some cartoons over the next 6 hours. She did not protest when I strapped her to me in the Ergo carrier to get through the airports, and she continued to smile the entire time!

Camera phone pictures: 1. At the gate in Johannesburg. 2. At the gate in Atlanta after 16 long hours. 3. Tired baby. 4. Wide awake at 3am in Madison on the first night!

We made it to Madison about 22 hours after leaving Johannesburg. Jenny and cousin Kailey picked us up and Piper got to ride in Kailey's convertible car seat while Kailey rode in her new booster seat. It was quite exciting for both of them!

Our first full day in Madison, Friday, we spent with Gramma Esther (Paul's mom), Jenny and Kailey. It was ridiculously hot and humid so we did the sane thing and went out for lunch, frozen yogurt and then visited the local library. Piper was really glad she got to see her Gramma Esther!

Playing with Gramma Esther at the Library

On Saturday afternoon the rest of the Pleva's arrived! Bob and Mel had us play a game deciphering three cards: one with a picture of Kailey, one with a picture of Piper, and one with a question mark. Anyone figure it out?

Uncle Bob and Aunt Mel practicing for their little one arriving in January!

Grandpa Pleva and Gramma Ruby with their favorite granddaughters Kailey and Piper!

While we were visiting the Dane County Fair was taking place in Madison so we had to go check that out. We'd only been there for a little over an hour when the sky opened up, by the time we made it back to the car even Piper's diaper was sopping wet, and it wasn't her fault! But in that hour, Kailey managed to fit in a number of exciting rides with her daddy!

Piper also took her first trip to the zoo. The Henry Villas Zoo in Madison. She wasn't really able to see many of the animals from her seat in the stroller, but she did discover the goats and she loved them!

Goats are my nemesis, but Piper seems to love them! 
Uncle Bob feeding the goats. Some funny looking penguins.

We also had the opportunity to visit Great Gramma Anne (Gramma Ruby's mom). Neither Piper nor I had ever met her so we were so happy we were able to go see her and Ruby's sister.

Piper (and me too!) had so much fun staying with Peter, Jenny and Kailey and seeing all the Pleva family. Piper LOVED being the little sister for the week and getting so much attention. Here is a collection of the best cousins pictures from the variety of cameras and phones!

For all of the pictures from this visit see here.

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