Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Me and Piper's Adventure Home! Part 3 - More Fun in California!

While Scott and Rachael were still visiting we made a visit to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We took Rachael on her first ride of the Giant Dipper, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the US, it first opened in 1924 and has had over 60 million riders!

Camera phone pictures: Scott and Rachael in line for the Giant Dipper, Piper on the pier with the boardwalk in the background, me and my bro in line for the Giant Dipper!

While at the Boardwalk I took Piper on her first carousel ride. I handed my camera off to my brother and strategically positioned ourselves in line to make sure we'd get an outside horse. We got an awesome white stallion which had just the right amount of up and down. It was a bit hard to tell, but I think Piper enjoyed her first carousel ride. She didn't cry, nor did she smile, but she was definitely very interested in all the activity and movement! 

All buckled up and ready to ride! 

 My brother did a good job with this picture, look how fast we are going! 

After the excitement of the merry-go-round we had to tone it down a bit and Piper and Papa played the pick a duck game. Piper hasn't quite honed her duck picking skills yet, she only won a small prize - a pair of bunny ears. I think she wanted to keep the ducks, but they wouldn't let her. 

During the rest of the visit there was a lot of playing with Papa and Gramma, eating out, playing in the backyard with bubbles, and visiting family!

Having fun in the backyard with sunshine, bubbles and Papa

Camera Phone pictures: BK crown with Gramma, Playing with Gramma, Gramma asking if Piper is ready to go to lunch

Camera phone pictures: Gramma, Piper and Papa shoes, Playing with Papa, Walking with Gramma, Looking cute

 Camera phone pictures: Meal time, Playing outside, Am I cute or what?

There must be something very interesting on the TV, Look at all my towers! 

Piper and I managed to fit in a couple visits to some friends! Carissa and I have been friends since college, she has 2 adorable girls, Teah and Liza, who love Piper, Liza calls her "my Pippa". They had a great time playing together! We also visited a friend of mine from my days of working in the Philippines. Verne and his wife Annabel now live in San Jose near their sons and grandkids. It was great catching up with them after 8 years!

Piper, Teah and Liza and Carissa, Me and Piper with Verne

Before we left we made sure to do some portrait shots of Piper with Gramma and Papa, and we couldn't forget the Short Dog. 

The trip back to South Africa from CA was about 5 hours longer than getting to WI, it was a loooong ride, but again Piper did very well. Better than me! We'll be making this trip again in December, looking forward to seeing everyone again then!

For the full set of Me and Piper's Adventure to CA pictures visit my gallery on Smugmug!


Marie said...

Awwww! I bet they can't wait to see you guys again. Cutie patootie little Ms. Piper!

Leslie Greensides said...

OK... we have to find her a smaller pacifier! It takes up too much of her face!