Monday, October 7, 2013

11 Months Today!

Almost a year already?! Where did my little, tiny, floppy baby go? This age is so much fun though, we have such a great time with our perfect girl!

Piper is holding her new toothbrush/teether and showing off her new bottom teeth!

This month has been fun:

- I borrowed my friends wheeled walker and I am walking all over the place!
- I've started swim lessons and have so much fun in the pool with mommy and the other kids
- I love reading about, listening too, and playing with doggies, kitties and barnyard animals
- I love to crawl under and through things
- I have discovered bread and it may be my new favorite food
- I can stand up from sitting without holding on to anything
- I can put my toes on the foot rest of my trike now and hold on to both handle bars. I love bike rides!
- I am being such a good girl when it is bed time now
- I got my first tooth, with 2 more ready to come in!

And the outtakes!