Saturday, February 22, 2014

Klein Kariba Weekend

Last weekend we took a little trip to a truly South African camping resort, Klein Kariba. It's about an hour and a half north of Pretoria, cute little place, kind of like an Afrikan version of a KOA! We went with our friends Kent, Nikki and Luke (one of Piper's boyfriends). It was such a great weekend, we rented log cabins next to each other, spent time chatting, playing card games, hiking, swimming and letting the kiddos play together!

Nikki and Luke / Piper and Luke playing / Kent, Paul, Piper and Luke checking out a bug / Luke flirting with Piper by putting dirt on her head!

Milk time, Piper's favorite!

 Favorite picture of Piper and Daddy from the weekend!

 Valentines dinner, the selection of our meal was bit of an Afrikans guessing game.

 Lovely morning sunlight!

 Hiking with the kiddos

 Lunch time!

 Playing in Luke's crawl tube

Fun times!

 The monkey's visited us in the morning! Luke doesn't look impressed. 

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