Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Summer Time in South Africa

It's been a lovely summer here in Pretoria. Lots of sunshine and warm weather, which has given us lots of opportunities to be outside in our garden! Piper loves to play in the yard, she especially loves playing in her baby pool.

She's not quite a little fish yet, but she has been taking swim lessons since she was eight months old and really enjoys being in the water.

Piper likes to take breaks from her swimming work out and run around the garden, she especially loves to run on the little brick path between the flowers!  

She has plenty to entertain her when we're inside the house as well! Especially if her daddy plays the guitar for her, she loves to dance!

Her Grandpa and Gramma Pleva got her the Disney Princess Little People Castle for Christmas, she figured out right away how to get the little princesses to sing and dance!

She really loves to explore the garden, she also likes to pull the petals off all the flowers, we're working on trying to be more gentle :)

And summer in Pretoria continues (although it's quite rainy and chilly today)!

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Marie said...

Cuuuutiiee!! I love her sunglasses!