Friday, April 4, 2014

Flash Back Friday - Singapore 2005

Last week I took you to the Philippines on my first ever trip to Manila (in 2004). This week I am taking you to the little island city-state of Singapore!

In 2005, I spent the entire summer in the Philippines for work (that post will come in a future flashback!). At the same time a good friend of ours from Peace Corps, Ian, was spending the summer in Singapore doing an internship with the Association of South East Nations (ASEAN). What a great opportunity for a long weekend trip to a very unique little country.

Singapore is a very densely populated country, but only about two thirds of the population living there are actually citizens. The main populations are Chinese, Malay and Indian which was evident in the amazing food. I'm not a big foodie, but I distinctly remember the Singapore Chili Crab and Prawns were amazing!

Singapore is a tiny little city country so in just a couple of days Ian and I were able to explore most of it! Ian practiced being a snake charmer. 

We visited the beach. 

And the southernmost point of the Asian Continent.

You know I love birds, so we couldn't miss the Bird Sanctuary!

It was quite a change coming from Manila to Singapore. It is a very clean, organized, shiny country. In my three days there, nearly 10 years ago, I didn't learn enough about the dictatorial government so I will leave it to you to learn about why its such a clean, organized, shiny country and make your own opinions. 

It was nice place to visit, but I remember being happy to go back to grimy and crowded Manila where life felt much more real! 

For more pictures from this Flashback trip, visit my Singapore Gallery at Smugmug.

I also want to give a little shout out to my friend Ian (the snake charmer), his wife Molly, and their new little baby boy Bertie! After Peace Corps we followed each other around for about 5 years (Boston, DC) but then started heading out to different far off places (they just finished up 2 years in Haiti and are heading to Burundi soon with their now larger family). Hoping we someday soon get to recreate a visit like this one in another exotic destination with our new little kiddos in tow! 

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Marie said...

Awesome pictures! Singapore looks so wonderfully colorful. Love it!