Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Monkeys and the Grandparents

It's been a packed couple of weeks with my parents visiting, I can't keep up with the photos or blog posts. A few days after they arrived we visited the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary about an hour north west of Pretoria.

We were warned ahead of time that the monkeys were stealthy pick pockets and were not shy about jumping on people so I put Piper in the Ergo to carry her around. What Piper didn't tell me was that with her strapped right to my chest she was going to be very forceful about not letting me take pictures. Every time I lifted the camera she would scream and try to push it out of my hand. I think she just wanted me to enjoy the moment and stop trying to see the world through my viewfinder. I think she was right!

She really enjoyed the monkeys, she was so excited to see each and every one. There was lots of pointing, wiggling around to get the best view, and a lot of "Ah ah ah ah" - Piper speaking to the monkeys. It was fun!

Here are the few pictures I was actually able to snap!

 Can you spot the monkey?

Sneaky little pick pocket, looking for my dad's lifesavers! 

 He's mad he didn't succeed.

 Crossing the Bridge of Courage, way to go Mom! 

We can't go anywhere without getting Piper a souvenir!

We're headed to Cape Town tomorrow. I have nearly a thousand pictures to sort through from our weekend safari in Madikwe, as well as all the other little trips we've been on the past couple of weeks. Those posts will come up soon hopefully!

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