Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Because I'm Happy!

Piper's favorite song is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, she will run over to the desk where the ipod is mounted on the speakers and point and say "happy, happy, happy". As soon as I turn the song on she is dancing up a storm. She especially loves when I pick her up and we spin across the room!

Here are some pictures of my happy little girl (from May)!

Her hair is starting to get curly, I love when it sticks out and she has crazy head!

Playing in the yard with her water table is so much fun. These past few weeks it's been too cold, but the weather will change soon and we can be back out there every day!

 Piper loves to eat! She has a great appetite and will eat almost everything!

 She is also quite an artist, just look at that lovely creation of art on her drawing board! She isn't one to save her creations though, she erases them almost immediately. 

And here is another art creation, this one I managed to save and it is prominently displayed in the kitchen.

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