Thursday, September 11, 2014

Umgeni River Bird Park, Durban

During our trip to Durban we took a break from the beach and wind and visited the Umgeni River Bird Park. It was a very cute, well maintained little park. A perfect place to spend a couple hours in the morning before Piper's nap time. They even had a nice little bird show which we really enjoyed!

They have an enclosed lorikeet area where you can feed the birds nectar. It was so much fun to see Piper's reaction to the birds. She loved them!

 Grace did too!

 Piper demonstrating how the birds drink the nectar with their tongue

 Feeding the Swan

Making friends with the African Spoonbill

Chasing the Spotted Thick-Knee

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Marie said...

There was a documentary of some sort (about an hour long) on PBS last night all about birds. I, of course, thought of you when I was watching it and figured you'd enjoy it.

And yes I am 70 now and watch PBS because it's the only good source of information on the TV (we have an HD antenna, no cable!).

P.S. Birds freak me out! Piper is way more braver than me. :)