Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kindermusik Christmas Party!

Nikki and I have been taking Piper and Luke to Kindermusik classes, which are early learning music and movement classes. They are so much fun! The teacher Danelle, is amazing, she is so passionate about her work and really enjoys giving the experience of music to the kids.

Our last class before the holiday break was a Christmas party. The kids did a couple of christmas songs with bells and then played in the kiddie pool and had popsicles (which here are called water lollies?!).

Next year I will try to get some pictures of the actual music class, but for now here are pictures from the party!

 Their first ever popsicles! They were a huge hit, of course! Luke liked to stand still and savor his, while the sugar hit piper quickly and she wanted to run laps while eating hers.

 The aftermath of the high amounts of sugar... Lots of running around! But Piper and Luke were getting along great and having a blast!

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Marie said...

Ok that is just too adorable. You must be loving all this warm weather! :)