Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Piper and Luke's Birthday Party!

We celebrated Piper and Luke turning two with a joint birthday party at Willow Feather Farm in Pretoria. It was fantastic! We rented out the little barn right near the playground. The farm set up the tables and provided all the food and drinks, we just had to show up and bring a cake! 

The birthday kiddos!

The birthday kiddo's with the moms and dads!

The cutest, and very delicious, farmyard birthday cake!

The farm is a mix of petting zoo, playground, and gorgeous gardens. The kids had so much fun feeding all the animals! There were donkeys, emus, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, and alpacas. The farm provided bags of animal feed and carrots for the kids to feed the animals!

We also had them set up a couple of games for the kids (and adults) to play. Since Piper loves to dig for rocks we got the "digging for gold" sand pit bucket which the kids dug around in looking for gold painted rocks. We also had sacks for sack racing, that was a big hit!

Even Piper and Luke got in on the sack racing action!

Of course the best part was the cake. Both Piper and Luke had some cake for their birthday and they were very thrilled about that!

It was such a great day, we are so lucky to have such great friends to celebrate with here!

Piper opened up her presents when she got home. So excited about a new guitar, shopping carts and baby Anna doll!

For all of the birthday party pictures visit Piper's Second Birthday gallery. 

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Marie said...

Such a cutie!!! I love the sunglasses. :)