Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with a great group of friends here in Pretoria. Holly and Chris opened up their home to all of us that were in town for Turkey day. And speaking of turkeys, there were three of them cooking!

The day was made even better because a friend of mine from grad school (14 years ago, yeesh) was passing through town with her husband and joined us to celebrate! 

It's very important to teach the kids the proper way to beer baste a turkey

Hanging out with the turkey cooker / Adam and Glen (my neighbors) talking with my grad school friend, Kathleen and her husband, John, about their 3+ year world tour they are currently in the middle of / Piper's boyfriend, Luke

 Lots of friends, and the always adorable Alia

 Only the best of friends have this much fun!

 Look at that spread, all available in South Africa!

 Watch out for the crazy American Flag wearing, knife wielding, human!

 While everyone was stuffing themselves, Piper was entertaining herself with the dogs, and the other kids were all watching movies

 Tryptophan parenting

Alia giving Andrew a pedicure / Matty and May / Barry was the winner of the best costume (only costume?) for our morning Turkey trot!

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends here in South Africa! Makes it feel not so far from home!

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Marie said...

It really isn't a proper Thanksgiving if you don't teach the kids how to beer baste a turkey.