Monday, January 19, 2015

More Magnificent Piper!

Pictures of Piper in December!

 She loved looking at the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Although after new years when we took the tree down during her nap, she came down saw that the tree was gone and said "Mommy and Daddy killed Christmas." Where on earth did she learn that?!

She's gotten very good on her moto. She's super speedy now and loves to go down the hill in the compound driveway. 

 I did a photo shoot of a family at the Farm Inn and there were statues of animals for Piper to play with. 

 We did a lot of baking during the holidays. First the cutout cookies, then Piper and I made some awesome oreo truffles for holiday parties, and then since Piper loves to stir things we threw together some chocolate chip cookies!


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Marie said...

Cutieee!!! Can't stand it.