Thursday, February 26, 2015

Garden Route Holiday (part 4): Tsitsikamma continued

Our second full day in Tsitsikamma we decided to visit another part of the park, Natures Valley Rest. Here we rented a canoe and took another little adventure on the water. 

We were surprised to discover that we could canoe the lagoon all the way up to a sandbar which led to the beach. It was beautiful!

The ocean was still too rough to swim in, but since the beach was so long we could play up in the top of the waves. Piper loved running in and out of the waves (far up the beach where there was only an inch or two of water).

The entire beach was covered in live sea snails. They would burrow under the sand, then a wave would come and bring them all up to the surface again. 

After hanging out on the beach for a while, we went back to the lagoon side for some swimming and fish chasing!

Our last morning in Tsitsikamma we did the Storms River Mouth hike. On the way we fed a few dassies. 

Since this hike was on a boardwalk, Piper walked the majority of it herself.

A very exciting event happened while we were in Tsitsikamma. Piper and I were coloring in the living room of the cabin with the balcony doors open listening to the waves crash on the rocks. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement, I turned to look and ended up looking straight into the eyes of a baboon sitting right next to me. I screamed, jumped up and grabbed Piper, and started moving towards the bedroom. The baboon just sat there and looked at me like I was crazy, he just wanted to sit and color with us. Paul came out of the bedroom and threw a shoe at the baboon. Then, as Piper tells the story "the baboon went back to his mama".
If you have a chance ask Piper about the baboon!

Coming up next: Addo Elephant Park

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Marie said...

Eeeeee she's so cute! I love the little pigtails! And looks so beautiful there! (Minus the baboon.)