Monday, February 9, 2015

New Years In Dullstroom

We celebrated New Years with our friends in Dullstroom, South Africa, about four hours north east of Pretoria. Kent found a fantastic five bedroom house out in the country, surrounded by hills, streams, ponds, birds, and a whole lot of nature! 

 We were not lacking in the alcohol department. 

New Years eve, after putting our kiddo's down for the night we played a very serious game of Settlers of Cataan. There may or may not have been some alcohol involved. There may or may not have been some fighting. 

At midnight we broke out the sparklers and celebrated the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015!

The following morning there was a lot of sitting around and recovering...

 Letting the kids pretend they were cave men...

And then setting them up in front of the ipad so the parents could all continue to sit around and recover. 

The mornings were always sunny and warm but the afternoons brought in some cooler weather and storms. After a pretty big rain storm came through we let the kids go outside and play in the mud, because what kid doesn't love to play in mud?! These two sure do!

We flew the kite!

Visited with the cows.

Went on hikes. 

 Played Bocci Ball.

And went into Dullstroom to visit the microbrewery. 

Piper and Luke played on the playground, and Piper managed to steal a kiss from Luke. 

Paul, Kent, Jake and Steph partook in a whiskey tasting at the local Whiskey bar. 

Piper snuck in...

On our last day we drove down through the fields to check out the waterfall. This one was pretty impressive! 

Such a great trip! I wonder what fun adventure we'll do next year!

A post with all the birds we saw is coming up next! I know Nikki Benson will be thrilled!

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Marie said...

That picture of piper looking through the glass in the door is basically the best. :)