Monday, June 1, 2015

Family Photo Shoot in Jan Celliers Park!

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph this fun family! EJ, Holly, Alex, Ania, and Aliya! They are finishing up their tour here in South Africa and headed to Malawi. We went to Jan Celliers Park, here in Pretoria, which has lots of wide open spaces for the kids to run around in (which was good because those kiddos have a lot of energy)! Such a beautiful family. Little Aliya, just six months old, was such a trooper putting up with the constant scene changes and camera in her face. All three kids were real cuties and did a great job!

We even managed to get a couple with the family dog! Thanks again fun family for letting me take your photos! Hope you enjoy your new home in Lilongwe!

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Marie said...

So so cute! These are fantastic!