Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Things Piper Says

Piper is over two and a half years old now! It is crazy to think that when we moved here to South Africa she was only 4 months old, she couldn't sit up by herself, she was nursing about 20 times a day and sleeping nearly 16 hours a day! Now she is a whirlwind of energy, complete with a very defined personality and a little bit of attitude!

I have not been great at filling out the baby book (those mom's that are, I bow down to you), but I do try to document her changes and development here on the blog (and we are keeping a height chart on the wall that I will take a picture of before we leave to document how quickly she grew).

But today I wanted to document some of the things that Piper says. They will demonstrate how talkative, stubborn, and adorable she is.

"Mama says no, but Piper says yes!"

I can't remember exactly what she wanted, probably a snack of some sort, but I told her that she couldn't have it right then, it was too close to dinner, so she crossed her little arms over her chest, stomped her foot and said "Mama says no, but Piper says yes!" I could barely keep a straight face!

"I've had a big day, I need some rest."

Piper naps between 12 and 12:30. If we've done something fun that morning she will tell us that it is time for her to go to bed, since she had a big day and needs some rest. I don't know many other toddlers that will tell their parents that they want to go to bed, but Piper does all the time!

Me: "What did you dream about last night?" Piper: "A moose! And kitty dreamed about a mouse!"

Every morning when I ask Piper what she dreamt about it's the same answer - Piper dreams of a moose and kitty (her lovey) dreamt of a mouse. Sometimes she is riding the moose, sometimes she is giving a ride to the moose, but it is always a moose!

"Meow, meow, meow, I'm a kitty."

When Piper gets in trouble she often turns into a kitty and meows at us. She'll only stop when we recognize she's a kitty and give her some loving.

"I look like a lady."

Piper loves to wear skirts/tutu's, she is very beautiful in them, and she will tell you so. She also thinks she "looks like a lady" when she wears them.

"I'm a big girl, but I'm going to be a baby now."

We have weaned Piper off her ba (a.k.a. pacifier) during the day. She only uses one now when she sleeps. But sometimes when we go up to play in her room and she finds one in her crib she tells us that she is a big girl, but she's going to be a baby right then so she can use the ba while we are in her room to play.

"In the morning, I get a cereal bar and a vitamin!"

Piper eats a strawberry and spinach cereal bar and a dinosaur gummy vitamin every morning. Almost every night, and sometimes during the day, Piper will tell us that she gets these items in the morning. She says it in a very cute, sing-songy way, exactly the same every time.

"Caca Cha-pupa"

My parents sent Piper a box of taco bell stuffed chihuahua toys that are over 15 years old (just what we needed). A couple of them still speak, one in particular says, in the taco bell dog voice, "drop the chalupa". Piper repeats it as "caca cha-pupa" and says it all day long!


Glenn F said...

As a frequent visitor to my house (we are neighbors and all), I get the pleasure of seeing (and hearing) Piper often. My favorite quote from week or so ago was after running around my house a bit with one of my kids' toys, she turned to me and said, "I'm shy!" Yeah, right, Pipes! (But if you feel shy sometimes, that's fine too.)

Marie said...

This is basically my favorite post ever.

I try the "Marie needs to take a nap now" at work phrase, but turns out as an adult, work places don't really like it when employees want to take midday naps. Go figure. ;)

Rich Pleva said...

Not exactly "articulate" but clearly communicative is Piper's emphatic "Shh!!" Always accompanied, of course, with a finger to the lips.