Monday, July 20, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Whitewater, WI!

We are currently on home leave in the US! We left the South African winter to have a fantastic taste of summer here at home! First stop was Whitewater, WI, where we rented a cabin on a lake for two weeks. It was so much fun! Felt like a real American summer vacation - family, cousins, lawn toys, lake toys, fireflies, fireworks, BBQ, drinks, etc!

The entire Pleva clan came to spend time with us at the lake house and we had a lot of fun. Piper especially LOVED hanging out with her cousins, Kailey and Richie. She also loved swimming in the lake. After the first day she was very comfortable and would paddle around in her life jacket all over the place. She was so proud of herself and would tell everyone around that she was doing the "doggie paddle". 

 Exploring the neighborhood with Kailey

 Paddle boating with Uncle Peter

 I love swimming mommy!

 The view from our deck

Cousin Kailey and Cousin Richie!

 Playing at the beach

 Hiking with the mosquitos

 Gramma Esther visited!

Lazy mornings on the deck, drinking coffee, playing guitar and playing with the grandparents!

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Marie said...

Oh that looks like such a lovely time! I especially love Piper and her sunglasses. :)