Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Seattle / Bainbridge Island

After our fun couple of weeks of home leave in Whitewater, WI (for those posts click HERE), we headed to the Pacific Northwest. We rented a cute little house on Bainbridge Island, right across the sound from Seattle. Paul had never been to the PNW, and I had been, but a long time ago, so I didn't remember too much. 

Bainbridge was beautiful! Our little house was nestled in a grove of huge trees, walking distance from a park with a duck pond and a great playground. My parents stayed in an RV park about 10 minutes away, which was very convenient. Piper got to spend a lot of nights in Gramma and Papa's "bus", which she was very excited about!

Our first couple of days there we settled in and explored the island. For a small little island it had a lot of great things to do - beautiful parks, amazing coast lines, a children's museum, an small indoor water park, a distillery, and lots of good places to eat. And, we were amazingly lucky, we got beautiful weather almost the entire time we were there! 

 Piper and Gramma with one of the Bainbridge frogs at the harbor

 Piper with one of the numerous rock people around the island

 Feeding the ducks near our house

 At the Bainbridge Children's Museum

 A fawn that visited our house

 At Fay Bainbridge Park on a beautiful sunny day!

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Marie said...

I've always wanted to go to the PNW! Looks beautiful.

Love that photo of your dad and Piper sticking their heads out of the cutout board. :)