Thursday, September 17, 2015

Croc City!

Last weekend the Bensons-Plevasides went to explore Croc City down near Joburg. It was a fun place, with A LOT of crocs and snakes. We got there right when it opened and got a private introduction to a number of critters. We got to play with a corn snake, an albino boa, and a baby crocodile. We got pretty close to some of these guys as you will see in the photos below. 

 Petting the corn snake

 And then somehow I end up with it on my neck. It was not my favorite necklace I've ever worn.

Baby crocodile, this guy was three months old

 And then I got an even bigger necklace...This guy was heavy and strong!

 And then we got to see the crocs! Lots and lots of them. These guys are late teens, early twenties. 

 And then the big guys, 40-60 years old, and HUGE!

 There were a couple of crocs the kiddo's could ride

And then Kent decided he wanted to fly over the crocs on a zip line! He returned with all limbs still attached. 

We didn't get to see the croc feeding, the kids needed to get home for naps, but we did see the venemos snake show. No pictures of the show since I felt I needed to be paying attention to where those snakes were moving and not be distracted by my camera! They brought out a snouted cobra, a madagascar spitting cobra, a rinkhals, and a puff adder. Very cool, but scary snakes. I pet the puff adder, that probably wouldn't have happened in the US.

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Marie said...

Totally horrifying but seriously cool photos!! Very glad all your limbs are still intact.