Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Piper!!! Three Years Old!

It's been three years since this little lady made my life perfect! 

Can you believe she's three already?!

What a character she is! 

-We had her birthday party a couple weeks ago, so she is already convinced she's been three for a while now. So we decided that today she is the Big 3!
- Lately one of her favorite things to ask is "Are you sure I'm not a cat?" Then she laughs and laughs, while meowing. 
- She is quite a pro at memorizing movie and cartoon lines, and spouts them off at perfect times. On numerous occasions involving ice cream, and me not giving her more ice cream, she has dramatically stated "I just can't live like this anymore" and "you broke my heart". Can you guess where these lines are from? Frozen, which remains her favorite movie!
- She pronounces "Sc, Sp, S-followed by any consonant" as "F". Spoon is Foon, Space is Face, School is Fool. It's pretty cute!
- She loves reading, especially the kiddie magazines she gets in the mail.
- She likes to tell mommy and daddy that we are doing a good job :)
- She loves her "sister" Luke.
- We turned her face forward in her car seat about two weeks ago, she says it's because she's a big girl now. She loves pointing out the many things she sees!
- She enjoys going to school, where she has a lot of friends and does Kindermusik on Tuesdays and Soccer on Thursdays. Sometimes when I pick her up from school and ask her what she did that day, she says, very dramatically, "I don't have the energy to tell you mom."
- She's starting to be able to swim! She can jump in, swim to the coach, and bring her head out the water for a breath!
- She's mostly daytime potty trained and is very excited about her big girl undies (many of which are Frozen theme).

Every day just gets better and more fun!


Rachael Greensides said...

I love that girl! Happy 3rd birthday sweet Piper!!!

Rachael Greensides said...

I love that girl! Happy 3rd birthday sweet Piper!!!

Marie said...

So cute! Happy birthday Ms. Piper!! Love her. :)