Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Years in Dullstroom 2015/16!

We spent our second New Years in Dullstroom. It's such a peaceful and pretty little town, only about 3 hours northeast of Pretoria. We rented a large farm house out of town. It was sitting up on a rise overlooking a beautiful valley and a couple of small lakes. 

 Our view

 Our house

It was fantastic weather for kite flying, hiking, birding, and relaxing. 

 Our house from the other side

There were horses, zebra's, and blesbok wandering the reserve. The horses came over to see if we had any carrots.

 Piper was so excited the horses came to visit

 An idyllic have an antelope poop spitting contest (yes, you read that correctly)

We had a stormy afternoon, perfect for dancing in the rain in undies and watching the lightning travel across the valley.

We visited the nearby raptor center, where they rehabilitate hurt and orphaned raptors. It was a really interesting place. Piper got a Secretary Bird feather!

I know everyone is excited to know how our bird competition turned out...stay tuned!

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