Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Arizona Renaissance Festival

The Phoenix area has a Renaissance Festival on weekends during February and March so we took Piper. She was super excited to dress up like a princess, which if you are a fan of this blog, is not a surprise.

Fairy Piper / The Queen turning all the little ones into Princesses and Knights

Piper the Princess

There was an exhibit of real, live mermaids. Piper was so enthralled. "Mama, they are so pretty! It is Ariel and her sisters!" She even got to take her picture with a mermaid!

There were also rides, many of which were unlike normal carnival rides, in that they required human power to function. She was really excited to go on the giant rocking horse, but once she was up there she wasn't so sure...

Piper and Gramma on the Rocking horse

She enjoyed the flying pirate ships better

I loved the costumes and all the people dressed up, it was a people watching heaven!

We found a place to dig for gems, of course we had to do that with Papa!

Piper talked me into taking her on the swinging Pirate ship, I had to tell the guy pushing us to stop or I was going to throw up all over my daughter. 

When we were in Mauritius, Piper really wanted to ride a pony, unfortunately they wouldn't let her because she was too young. But here at the renaissance festival, no problem she could ride a llama!

It was a hot and fun filled day. The little princess fell asleep right at the end. 

Unfortunately that meant when I tried to relocate her to her carseat she woke up and was CRANKY!

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Marie said...

Haaa I LOVE all this! We go to the annual Renaissance Festival up in Annapolis, MD with friends each year and it's so much fun to see how people are dressed up!