Friday, March 4, 2016

A visit to Wisconsin in the winter!

The past couple of weeks Piper and I took a little trip to the US to visit family. We visited the Pleva's in cold and snowy Wisconsin first. Piper had so much fun playing in the snow with her cousin Kailey. They were so cute together, little BFFs! We got to spend time with her Gramma Esther, and her Grandpa Pleva and Gramma Ruby, as well as Aunt Jenny and Uncle Peter. It was a great visit!

 Walking to Kailey's school to pick her up

 Surprising Kailey at her school!

 Making snowballs

 Snow ball fight! 

 A visit to the Madison Children's Museum

Piper has seen snow before but she was so small she doesn't remember. This year she was so excited to be able to go sledding with Kailey. It was fantastic watching how much fun she was having out there in the freezing cold!

The girls with Grandpa and Gramma Pleva