Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fun in Joburg at the Science Museum

A couple months ago we took a "mini holiday" and spent the night at a B&B down in Joburg. It had a pool, that was supposedly heated, but I think there version of heated meant not frozen. Regardless, it was really nice, great food, beautiful garden, and they even had a Piper size robe and a special bed just for her!

Piper and Mulan

All of her friends already asleep

The following morning we went to the Sci-Bono museum in Joburg. They had a lot of interesting exhibits, including a few roaring dinosaurs (Piper wanted to keep our distance), and a whole section for kids, full of lego's and games. We had a great time! 

Making electricity

Playing soccer

Now we're in the best section!

"No Mom, this is my computer"

Future scientist (like her mama)

Or maybe future builder?

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Marie said...

I love the one of Piper kicking the ball and her flip-flop flying off. Too funny!