Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Piper's Dance Competition

Last month, Piper's ballet studio participated in the South Africa Dance School championships. Piper's little ballet class participated in the 4 and under category. As you can imagine, it was ADORABLE. We were so proud of her! It was a huge stage with a full lighting set up and there were nearly 300 people in the audience. Her and her dance buddy, Lily, marched right out onto that stage and did a fantastic job!

My little Gummy Bear!

Lily and Piper

On the ginormous stage the two girls walked all the way to the back corner to do their dance. It was too cute!

 Receiving their silver medals!

 The girls with Carine, one of their teachers!

My little ballerina gummy bear!

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Rich Pleva said...

Can you teach me to dance, Piper?