Friday, December 23, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas!!

I think this is the first year we visited Santa with no tears or screaming! Piper told me afterwards she was a very brave girl, and she got to touch Santa's beard and it was so soft! When I asked her what she asked Santa for she said "I asked him for a rainbow for my cat named Rainbow". Hmmm...not exactly sure what to do about that!

Santa returned a little lion to me, I think it might have eaten Piper!

 Tree decorating, I think we missed the tree!

We continued our annual tradition of making x-mas cutout cookies (Pleva family secret recipe!) Piper was very helpful this year!

 I think Piper's addition to the tradition will be 14 pounds of sprinkles per cookie. 

And in keeping with our annual Plevasides tradition, we make our own christmas tree topper. This year Piper decided she wanted to make a butterfly. Other than cutting out the shape and helping to glue the head on, she did all the rest with no guidance or help. It turned out to be a beautiful butterfly!

2 more days till Christmas!!!


Anu Whisenhunt said...

Asha says that she wants to come make cookies with you guys.

Rich Pleva said...

Merry Christmas to Piper....and her parents, too. We've just arrived in Blue Mounds for the week. It's snowy and very white....not like South Africa....or Burma either, I imagine. We miss all of you!

Rich Pleva said...
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Rich Pleva said...
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Rich Pleva said...

The deleted comments are the December 23rd equivalent of Ground Hog Day redundancy.