Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Years in Dullstroom

For the third year in a row we spent New Years in Dullstroom with the Bensons, second year with the Weibles, and first year with the McGuires and Normands! We stayed at a lovely place called Eland's Valley with four ponds, some kayaks, fishing areas, and lots of toys and space for the kids to play.

We rented two houses for the four families, you can just see the second one on the left in the trees. The big house on the right that we stayed in with the Bensons and Weibles was a BIRD lodge. Completely full of all things birding. It was obviously perfect since we had our second annual bird draft competition during this trip as well. But I'll let Nikki tell that story in a separate post.

The big pond had two kayaks, one which ended up sinking with Luke and his Papa, but luckily Paul and Piper had a better experience. Piper loved paddling with her daddy!

And true to being Piper, she insisted she could get out of the kayak by herself, so she fell in.

 Here's a wet, soggy, Piper!

The house had a great yard and a ton of stuff for the kids to play with.  

 Mr. Leo

 Two little trouble makers

 Piper got a lesson on mixing drinks! 

The ponds had a few fish as well so Luke's Papa took the kids fishing. They didn't catch anything this day, but caught a nice trout the following day!

It was a great last New Years in South Africa. God, we are going to miss this country!

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