Friday, May 5, 2017

The Greensides Take on South Africa - Arrival and Sondela

The Greensides Clan - the Grandparents: Papa and Gramma, and the Aunt/Uncle/Cousin: Uncle Scotty, Aunt Rachael, and Baby Owen - decided to flip their worlds upside down and take a trip into the wilds of Africa! It was Scott and Rach's first trip to the continent, my parents third. We spent some time hanging out in Pretoria and then headed out for some real African fun!

Super happy girl that Papa and Gramma are here!

So much fun to have a little "brother" around too

Uncle Scotty has a kitty in his lap

Everyone comes to Africa to go ice skating, right?

We rented a house in Sondela Nature Reserve north of Pretoria. It's a beautiful little reserve up in the highveld bush lands. The nature reserve is linked to an animal rehabilitation and education center and has a number of rehabilitated antelope on the reserve, which come up to the house for a snack.

We're in South Africa! Yay!

Our first visitor, Piper named her Herd

A night time visitor

Herd's back for breakfast...

...and she brought her boyfriend!

Herd is my best friend, yay!!! Dad I want to take one home as a pet!

Doing "homework"

The little boy feeding the big boy

Papa's best friend

Ready for safari

This is the life!

"Look mom, Herd had a baby!"

Say Cheese!

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