Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back to Ibanda

We made the 6 hour trek out west to Ibanda (passing the equator!), although we did not need to go to the extent of PC reminiscing to use the bus. We rented a vehicle and driver for 3 full days. Oh how nice it is to not have to travel by public transport!

It was great to be back at Paul’s site, many familiar as well as new faces. Paul’s neighbors Benin and Maud had their second child 2 years ago and the third is due any day.

Baker, Paul’s counterpart during PC, is still in Ibanda and it was really fun to see him again. The primary school Paul lived at has had many new improvements, a new library, computer lab, and additional dorms for the boarders. It was great to see the school doing so well.

Benin and Baker welcoming Paul after 4 years

The resource room - exactly the same as when Paul left

At the Kosam's new house

Ibanda Town

For more pictures of our trip to Ibanda visit my photo site.

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