Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kenneth and Lake Mburo National Park!

On our trip back from Ibanda to Kampala we met up with my long lost friend, Kenneth and took him on a game drive through Lake Mburo National Park. For those that might not know, Kenneth was a friend of mine at my first site in Sembabule. He took care of the 60 goats I lived with, and really helped take care of me too. After I moved from Sembabule to Kisubi, my aunt, uncle and parents helped sponsor Kenneth to get his driving permit. In the past 4 years, he moved home to his ancestral land out west, married, had two kids and has had numerous different driving jobs. He’s done quite well for himself!

Our visit to Lake Mburo was a first for all of us. Uganda has some very accessible and amazing wildlife and scenery. We had driven past Lake Mburo so many times on our trips to and from Ibanda during PC but never had the opportunity to go there. Having our own vehicle and driver made it possible! Lake Mburo is a cute little park, it doesn’t have any predators, just lots of Zebra, Antelope, Ugandan Kob, some Water Buffalo, and a Lake full of Hippos with a couple crocs. It was a fun little game drive in the middle of our trip. Here are some of the pics, to see more go to my photo site.

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