Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kisubi Orphan Project

As a PCV in Uganda I worked for a Mission Hospital in Kisubi where I was mainly involved in the community outreach activities – immunizations and health education sessions both in the communities and the schools. Outside that I helped Margret and Fred to strengthen their local Community Based Organization, the Kisubi Orphan Project (KOP). Through the tireless work and dedication by just these two people they have managed to register over 200 HIV/AIDS orphans in the area and provide small help and support to the orphans and their caretakers when needed.

Since I have left Uganda, ARVs have become very widely available for those suffering with HIV. Margret and Fred have taken it upon themselves to counsel the caretakers of the affected orphans and have managed to get over 25 of the HIV+ orphans into treatment programs. Single handedly they have saved these children’s lives.

We decided to have a small gathering of some of these HIV+ orphans while I was here visiting. It was wonderful to see the connection that these kids have with Margret and the care and affection she gives them. These kids have tough lives, not only are they sick (although they are all doing really well on the ARVs), but they are being provided for by families that are not their own. This is a generous thing for many families to do, take in someone else’s child, but unfortunately these families have many of their own to provide for and those that are not their own are the lowest priority. Some are abused and many are not able to go to school.

There is only so much that can be done when only two well meaning, compassionate, hard working people spend all of their spare time to try to help and counsel these families, yet I am amazed by what they can accomplish with very little funds and just the pure desire to help. A $150 donation to KOP bought basic necessities such as a mattress and sheets, mosquito nets, school uniforms, shoes, school books, and covered the school fees for 4 students for a full year.

If anyone would like to donate some small funds to KOP, I would gladly work with you and KOP to get the money to Uganda and provide you with immediate feedback on what wonderful activities your donation was able to achieve for the orphans of Kisubi. Feel free to email me at:

For more pictures of the orphans and KOP please visit my photo site.

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