Monday, January 5, 2009

New Home in Amman, Jordan

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season.
Big news - it's official - I now live in Amman, Jordan! Paul will be joining me at the end of the month, so he's still a DC resident at this time.
It has been a crazy few weeks leading up to our move here. We were home in CA over X-mas visiting family and doing some nature loving in Yosemite. Then back in DC for a whirlwind few days of organizing, cleaning and packing out our house. Pretty much everything we own is on a boat somewhere in the world on its way to Jordan. Hopefully, barring any rogue monster waves or pirates, we will see our things again in about two months.
I am still with my organization, International Relief and Development, but I am now the Deputy Country Director of our office in Jordan. It's a very exciting and rewarding job. The team out here in Amman is absolutely fantastic and we are doing some great programs for vulnerable Jordanians and Iraqi Refugees. In addition I'll play the role as health advisor/manager for our health programs in the region (Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq) which will allow for some very exciting travel opportunities!
Paul has a few weeks left in DC, finalizing his contract with his organization, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). He's been working the past few months with the Jordanian Government to help them prepare for the funding they will be getting from the US Government. The plan is that he will continue to work for MCC supporting both the Jordan and Moldova programs. In addition, he has the fun tasks of selling our car, cancelling all our utilities, bills, etc. and then he will be flying out to Amman in a few weeks with our cats!
I'd love to hear from you! And if anyone wants to visit Jordan, the land of Petra and the Dead Sea, you are most welcome!


Amanda said...

Me!...Me!...I want to visit...but I have to make some insane money first...who knew it cost so much to travel...well, probabaly everyone but me, but that's OK!

Be careful, K Sis?

Peter said...

Aaaaah back into the field! ;-)

Was afraid you were going to stay in the US for-ever! ;-)))


Dawn said...

Ha ha! Had to get my fill of the US before leaving for good! EXTREMELY happy to be back in the field!