Friday, May 6, 2011

Blogging Again

Welcome to my newly renovated and reincarnated blog!

Paul and I recently returned to the US from over 2 years working in Jordan. It is a temporary return, somewhere between 6-9 months, before we head back out into the world again. It was a hard decision to leave Jordan. We had a nice life there; we made many very good friends and had a lot of fun adventures, all of which we already miss greatly.

We are now living back in Washington DC. Paul is fully entrenched in his new job with USAID as an Economist in the Foreign Service, and I am taking some much needed time off. So with my new free and empty days I decided to spend some time working on my photography, hence reincarnating this blog.

I decided to start off with a collection of photos from Jordan that represent the wonderful time we had there. This selection includes a couple of pictures from my work and a lot from our play, including hiking and climbing in Wadi Rum and Petra, diving in the Red Sea, family visits, and other exploration. I hope they give you a good idea of how beautiful a country Jordan is. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow - these photos are all so, so stunning. Beyond words.

Plus, I LOVE camels. Your photos obviously hit a soft spot, then. :) :)

It sounds like you have quite an exciting life! I'm a little jealous of the opportunities and experiences you get to photograph, but even more than that I'm thankful that you'll share them with us. :D