Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bob and Mel Visited DC for Memorial Day Weekend!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Bob and Mel were coming to town...well they came, we conquered, and they went! We started the conquering with a 5k race in Bethesda, MD on Saturday morning. I have no pictures from that event, so therefore I can claim that Melissa and I both tied for first place while the boys came in last. That's believable, right?  To continue with the energetic activities we hiked the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls National Park. It was a HOT day, but a very nice hike. 

I tried out a few new photoshop tricks (actions and texture) with this picture of Great Falls, not sure what I think about it yet...any comments?

More Photoshop experimentation. 

We of course had to do the standard Memorial Day Weekend event and we went to see the Minor League team for the Washington Nationals, the Potomac Nationals. It was a double header against the minor league team for the Atlanta Braves. It was not a good day for the baby-Nats. 

And then to round out our adventures we did a bit of disc golf and the most fun of all..DDR.

It was a very fun weekend for all! Bob and Mel you can come back for more fun now!


Leslie said...

DDR has to be the best Christmas present we ever got for you! MOM

Anonymous said...

I love it when photographers can tell a story with a series of photos - your story looks like it was fun! I love how crisp & clear your photos are from the baseball game.

That picture of the great falls - where you said you were trying something new - I really like it. There's a stunning amount of texture to it. I almost want to run my fingers across it to see what it feels like. :) It's not only a great shot, but I think your processing makes it different than your typical nature-shot.