Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt #5

1. Long Exposure

I had to go back to the archives for this one. This picture is from May 2006 from a state park somewhere in North Carolina. This shot was from my first digital SLR (the Canon Rebel XT) after I retired my film SLRs and decided that digital point and shoots were just not working for me.  (40mm, f/7.1, 0"3s, ISO 100, processed with The Coffee Shop Blogs Grainy B&W without the grain) 

2. Shape(s)

Took this shot at the Post Hunt last weekend (Pictures of the hunt coming soon!). I loved this girls socks and I must find me some!

3. Green

This is Luke trying to salvage his green feather boa toy that completely fell apart this weekend in a green feather explosion, all over the house! It's a good color for him...matches his eyes. 

4. Fruit

Fresh raspberries. Yum yum yum!

5. Childhood Memory

I'm recycling this picture from my Dragonflies blog post last week. These speedy, shiny, big eyed bugs take me back to my families waterskiing vacations we took every summer growing up! Those were fun times! Smells like Coppertone sunscreen.

Next weeks themes:

  1. Emotion
  2. From a Flower's Point of View
  3. Natural Frame
  4. Letters
  5. Bliss


Branson said...

Your photos are gorgeous! That long exposure is stunning, love the green, the fruit is so fresh and love the last one! Fantastic!

Mum of Monsters said...

Your shapes photo is so fun! I also love your fruit shot. Raspberries are my favorite!

Linda R. said...

Oh my goodness.. Every single one of these shots are amazing.. I really love your long exposure shot.. I really wanted to try to get a long exposure with water but ran out of time.. Your looks amazing..

Danelle said...

These are all gorgeous!

Ashley Sisk said...

I so love the last shot. I also love your long exposure. These are so great. Love it!

Valeria said...

Enjoyed your entries. Love your long exposure one, I tried something with water as well, but not very successful, but it is ok, one day.

JessRaquel said...

I love your long exposure shot, I'm still trying to master shots like that but I'm not sure my camera is quite equipped for that... Your photos make me long for an upgrade camera! Seriously amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures..I have Lukes twin brother Diego.

Carmen said...

AMAZING every single of them!!! I just added you to my list of blogs :)