Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Climbing at Seneca Rocks, WV

Paul and I spent a fantastic weekend climbing at Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. 

Seneca Rocks is a fin like crag which has the distinction of being the highest technical summit east of Devils Tower in Wyoming. We signed up for a 2-day Intermediate rock craft course with Seneca Rock Mountain Guides to learn some skills of Trad climbing (climbing while setting your own protection) and Multi-pitch climbing.

Our guide/instructor was Matty. He spent his birthday climbing with us, he was the best guide ever. 

This is our protection. These pieces of equipment keep us on the rock.

Setting up our anchor at the top of the third pitch. We like protection when we are 500 feet up a vertical rock face. Yes we do. 

 Almost to the summit now!

 Highest technical summit on the East Coast!

Such an amazing weekend! We climbed nearly 1000 feet in two days and learned a ton in the process, thanks to Matty!  Can't wait to get back there for more!

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Ashley Sisk said...

I'm pretty amazed by all the great photos you were able to capture while rock climbing. Impressive.